An Active Part Of The Greater Vancouver Engineering Community Since 1987

Who We Are

We are The Greater Vancouver Section of the Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers. We are made up of transportation professionals and students in the Greater Vancouver region. The Greater Vancouver Section has two chapters: The Greater Vancouver Chapter and the UBC Student Chapter.

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Upcoming Events

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Job Postings


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Executive Team

The following five members are currently on the executive team:President: Khelen Upadhyay (Top Left)
Vice-President: Breanna Jackson (Top Middle)
Secretary: Matthew Woo (Top Right)
Treasurer: Maryam Tabeshian (Bottom Left)
Past-President: Jael Lumba (Bottom Right)

GVITE Historical Executive Members List:

YearPresidentVice President SecretaryTreasurer
2023Khelen UpadhyayBreanna JacksonMatthew WooMaryam Tabeshian
2022Jael LumbaKhelen UpadhyayBreanna JacksonMatthew Woo
2021Cameron PerkinJael LumbaKhelen UpadhyayBreanna Jackson
2020Amy DoCameron PerkinJael LumbaKhelen Upadhyay
2019Niraj SunuwarAmy DoCameron PerkinJael Lumba
2018Jared DuivesteinNiraj SunuwarAmy DoCameron Perkin
2017Brendan StevensonLinda Qian LinJared DuivesteinNiraj Sunuwar
2016Billy DongBrendan StevensonLinda Qian LinJared Duivestein
2015Alina ChengBilly DongBrendan StevensonLinda Qian Lin
2014Stanley LiAlina ChengBilly DongBrendan Stevenson
2013Jonathan HoStanley LiAlina ChengLiliana Quintero
2012Stephanie McNeelyJonathan HoStanley LiAlina Cheng
2011Matthew ChanStephanie McNeelyJonathan HoStanley Li
2010Kanny ChowMatthew ChanStephanie McNeelyJonathan Ho
2009Thomas KwanKanny ChowMatthew ChanStephanie McNeely
2008Thomas KwanGordon FoyKanny ChowMatthew Chan
2007Borg ChanThomas KwanGordon FoyKanny Chow
2007Borg ChanThomas KwanGordon FoyKanny Chow
2006Jane FarquarsonBorg ChanThomas KwanGordon Foy
YearPresidentVice President Secretary/Treasurer
2005Jo FungJane FarquarsonBorg Chan
2004Steve BrownJo FungJane Farquarson
2003Gary VliegSteve BrownJo Fung
2002Kari FellowsGary VliegSteve Brown
2001Mimi SukhdeoKari FellowsGary Vlieg
2000Sarah RocchiMimi SukhdeoKari Fellows
1999Julian RozentalSarah RocchiMimi Sukhdeo
1998Alison WongJulian RozentalSarah Rocchi
1997Sany ZeinAlison WongJulian Rozental
1996Paul LeeSany ZeinAlison Wong
1995Wayne GibsonPaul LeeSany Zein
1994Jan VossWayne GibsonPaul Lee
1993Rob HodginsJan VossWayne Gibson
1992Erica GeddesRob HodginsJan Voss
1991Dan LevyErica GeddesRob Hodgins
1990Peeter LiivimagiDan LevyErica Geddes
1989Paul PinskerPeeter LiivimagiDan Levy
1988Tim SchnarrPaul PinskerPeeter Liivimagi
1987Tim SchnarrPaul PinskerPeeter Liivimagi
1986Paul LeeTim Schnarr 
1985Zolton KuunPaul LeeTim Schnarr
1984Edwin HullZolton KuunPaul Lee
1983Rick MurrayEdwin HullZolton Kuun
1982Don HendersonRick MurrayEdwin Hull
1981Don HendersonPaul RoerGraeme Hamilton

Contact GVITE

For all other questions or inquiries about the Institute of Transportation Engineers Greater Vancouver Section including job posting or upcoming events, please e-mail us at [email protected]